True North is able to create a fantastic array of team-based activities that will ensure everyone becomes motivated and involved. Combining events which are both physically and mentally challenging, the particular activities suggested below are only examples of what can be achieved.

We tailor each event to suit your group's interests and fitness levels - offering a wide choice for everyone.

The Crystal Maze event can be either a half-day or a full day format. The group is divided into teams of approximately 6 persons, and they are advised to wear appropriate outdoor waterproof clothing and sturdy footwear. All safety equipment is provided where required.
A risk assessment is provided for each activity in advance. Participants are asked to advise instructors of any existing or pre-existing conditions that might make them susceptible to injury or distress. There is never any pressure put on an individual to take part in a given activity.
"A" Team
The team is required to build a suitable structure that will transport one of their number through a designated course. A mix of balance, physical ability and problem solving.
Fire Power
The team are required to construct a catapult which is capable of propelling the designated projectile as far as possible. Requires problem solving and construction ability.

Ski School

The team are provided with a pair of very large wooden skis - just large enough to accommodate all team members. They have to work together to ensure that they can manoeuvre their team along a slalom course. Requires close physical team-work and is both hilarious and very competitive.

Cat Burglar

The team must retrieve a priceless artefact from within a highly restricted area. With only minimal equipment available the team will have to work well together to achieve this one.


The team are required to cross a dangerous swamp using a variety of wooden "stepping stones". Between the "stepping stones" they must make use of several wooden planks - not all of which will bridge the gaps… and the entire team must make the crossing without falling in the swamp. A classic problem solving task requiring a methodical planning approach and good teamwork - under time pressure.


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