Remember (hearing about) those days back in the 70's glued to the TV watching Stuart Hall and contestants cavorting around on unfeasibly large inflatables? … well here's your chance to fulfil your dreams and take part in your very own "It's a Knockout!"

Corporate "It's a Knockout" is the perfect event for breaking the ice between company departments, boosting morale after a hard year's work, and building better teams through participation.

You can choose from dozens of spectacular inflatable activities and groups from 30 to 300 can be accommodated. "It's a Knockout" can be staged indoors or outdoors - even for the largest groups, so it is truly an all-weather activity.

Your group will be split into several teams of approximately 6 persons and each team will work through a rotation where they meet all the other teams, as they progress through all the activities in turn. Some of our inflatables are very large - creating quite a spectacle!

All safety equipment is provided where required. A risk assessment is provided for each activity in advance. Participants are asked to advise instructors of any existing or pre-existing conditions that might make them susceptible to injury or distress. There is never any pressure put on an individual to take part in a given activity.

At the end of your special day, prizes and place medals will be provided by our Master of Ceremonies to the top three teams.

"It's A Knockout" will require only an afternoon to achieve - but will provide a day to remember for years!

A number of our most popular activities are listed below.


  • On the Head!
  • Tanks
  • Pole Jousting
  • Devils Run (Inflatable)
  • Equaliser (Inflatable)
  • Velcro Olympics (Inflatable)
  • Kangaroo Kalamity (Inflatable)
  • Pyramid (Inflatable)
  • Gladiators Duel (Inflatable)
  • Bronco Challenge (Inflatable)
  • Rollaball (Inflatable)
  • Peaks! (Inflatable)
  • Gold Rush (Inflatable)

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