True North Events organises a stimulating and challenging full day of outdoor activities called "Boot Camp". There are many suitable estates throughout the UK which can be used for this team event.


On arrival guests are greeted by an escort of military personnel dressed in fatigues & camouflage… and well armed. Everyone needs to be "processed" before taking part in warm-up exercises. All candidates will need to pass the group "medical" before proceeding!

Not all of our medical personnel are as pleasant as these lovely ladies !

Upon successful completion of this induction process, candidates will meet in the mess tent for a congratulatory tea/coffee.


The group is divided into teams of between 5-8 persons each. There are five team activities with teams rotating through 2 activities in the morning, meeting for lunch (which is also an activity!) and then finishing off with two more activities in the afternoon.

The five core activities are:

  • Shooting Skills
  • Orienteering & Navigation
  • Ration Preparation & Consumption (lunch)
  • Camouflage & Concealment
  • Operational Accommodation

For larger groups, we keep the team sizes the same, but provide additional instructors and/or activities.

An added dimension can be achieved by having the whole group sleep out in tents (or self-made shelters) overnight - and don't forget the "ging gang goolie goolie goolie goolie gotcha…"


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