Each team is set the challenge of "defying gravity" by designing, constructing and launching a four foot wide hot-air balloon. Simultaneously, teams must also accomplish several challenging activities in rotation (video diary, treasure hunt, logical puzzles for example) which take place in other areas.


Teams rotate individuals between the main task of balloon design/construction and the other activities - ensuring that everyone gets involved in several different activities.

Team sizes are normally between 6 and 8 persons, helping to ensure that each member's input is equally needed to complete the project.

If teams are not pre-selected, then the day will begin by carrying out a 20 minute "sorting" activity - an integral part of the teambuilding process, and fun in its own right.


After the teams have been formed, we usually lead the group in several "ice-breaking" exercises to loosen everyone up and begin to get individual team members working together. This session lasts about 20 minutes and gets everyone really enthusiastic.

Teams then have about 3 hours in total to carry out various assignments and construct their hot-air balloon. At the end of the afternoon, all teams simultaneously launch their balloons and this momentous event is captured on video.


Teams are awarded points based on a number of factors including: teamwork demonstrated, design approach, design flair, construction, height attained and length of time in the air.

Naturally the instructors are able to create relevant new categories for awarding, or deducting, points - as they see fit on the day!

Prizes and a rousing ceremony are organised by True North Events to finish off the day with gusto.

Photographs (and the launch video) from the day are provided for use in corporate newsletters or events.


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