Whether it be a castle or a cavern, a marquee or a mansion, True North is constantly keeping updated with all new developments and venues so that our clients are assured of the perfect locations for their events.

It is tempting to think that booking a venue is just down to capacity, availability and price - in fact from experience there are many more important details which need to be determined in advance so as to ensure that there will be no hitches (and extra costs) in setup or delivery.


True North Events will develop an "event requirements" brief with you and then research the most suitable venues, taking all key details into account before making provisional bookings on your behalf. Then we will provide you with the pros & cons of all short-listed venues so that you can make an informed decision.

At this point you might also want to carry out a site inspection and we will organise this on your behalf, creating a realistic itinerary for you to see the venues chosen. Where catering is part of your planned event we also arrange a tasting as part of the site visit.

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